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Start a new chapter
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We know you’re busy and feel there’s little time to start a new personal project. But you have more time than you think.

We designed this program to give you control over the work to be done.

You basically have no excuses.

You’re not lazy, you probably just don’t like what you do at the moment.

It only takes
an hour a day…

  • 6 weeks online program
  • Weekly calls with your mentor
  • Personalised to your needs
  • Lifetime alumni community
  • 1200 eur tuition fee
  • Next intake: 1-9-2020

    We changed the way we work and we know we can do the same for you.

    We’re a group of independent facilitators using the power of workshops to help teams create better products and individuals to start their own businesses.

    We have a system of doing things and some principles we live by.

    Built on the same 4 pillars

    • The perfect person/project fit
    • Do the best you can & launch
    • Step-by-step-system & support
    • Implement it into your life

    Built on 4 pillars

    • Person/project fit
    • Do the best you can & launch
    • Step-by-step-system t
    • Implement it into your life

    Weekend Warrior is not another mass open course but rather a highly personalised intimate experience. The curriculum is put together after we’ve had our first call and is adapted specifically to your needs, using workshops and resources from Impatient School playbook.

    This is how it goes:


          Before you apply, we’ll provide      you with some exercises. For     you to get a taste of how it    works and look like, and for us   to know you better.

    No strings attached.


         You will need to provide us with     the exercises you’ve done in the    pre-flight.

     P.S. You won’t be able to apply without doing those.

    Week 1

  •     Personal strategy workshop
  •    2 year time goal
  •   6 weeks SMAART goal
  •  Program setup
  • First assignemnt
  • Weeks 2-6

       Going through your personalised
      program with your coach/mentor, defining and building your project.

    Get the pre-flight exercises!

    What will we cover over the 6 weeks?

  • We start with you, what you love to do, and what you’re good at
  • We’ll craft and improve your idea according to what world needs
  • We’ll extract your personal story and define your purpose
  • We’ll define on your brand and business model
  • Focus on product or service design and prepare for launch
  • We’ll integrate everything to become a part of your life
  • Working with a simple process

    Helping you design products and services, do branding and starting
    your own projects. We can even teach you how to do it.


    Interview & diagnosis


    Workshop setup


    Team alignment

    Solution creation




    Value prop




    Next steps


    The next intake starts
    on September 1st

    Get started with doing some exercises that
    are madatory to provide in your application!

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