Following the gut: from medical school to helping women with eating disorders

After 4 years of medical school, Alixe realized that she couldn’t witness the way patients were treated in hospitals anymore. Prescribing over the counter drugs to people didn’t feel right as she knew the solution was elsewhere.

Suffering from eating disorders herself when she was younger, she experienced the medical way of dealing with patients like her. Not efficient. She started to engage in personal development, explored more holistic treatments, adopted an anti-inflammatory plant-based diet and above all, got to understand that eating disorders are not about food.

“I make women shine! I want all women to accept themselves and be friends with food.”

When she joined Impatient school, her journey was one of trials and errors. From working in vegan cafés to travelling and trying to get her blog off the ground, nothing seemed to stick.

Why ? Because she was beating around the bush. Going for the gut feeling is scary. When you know it’s the right thing, you also feel you won’t be able to bounce back if everything doesn’t go as planned. It becomes so important to you that you freeze. You’re scared.

So you convince yourself that trials and errors is enough for now, that “you have time”, that “you’re young”, that you’ll do it when you’ll have finished this online training you started.

We say you need to learn from the positives, not from the negatives. Errors are necessary but they’re not enough.

Alixe had started a training to become a life coach when she joined Impatient School. So she learned, did, learned more, did again. After 6 weeks, she had her first test client.

We mostly worked on getting her to focus on the important things in her business and on dismantling the negative and judgemental inner dialogue she had towards her work.

Now, the work starts for her. She had the courage to overcome her fears and get her offer out. It’s certainly not perfect but she has her first client and can truly learn.
Now she can follow her gut.

This is what she answered when we asked her what doing her best job looks like now: “Working every day with passion, taking care of myself and set precise goals.”
Amen to that!