Impatient School Beta Program

Starts: April 20th / Duration: 6 weeks

If you’re as impatient to start as we usually are,
the beta school might be right for you.

What does beta program mean?

As we always want to improve how we do things, we decided to run the beta program. We always want to test different things and try new approaches. Our biggest goal of the beta program is really to figure out how to bring the most value to you and your project.

This means that the mentors will be even more involved, there’s more live workshops and personal calls with you to see what works and what doesn’t.

What's the difference between a beta and a normal program?

The biggest difference is that the number of people attending the program is smaller as we want to be more hands on and try different things.

We will actually be pretty annoying with wanting you to give feedback not only to your fellow participants but also to us mentors.

What's in it for me? Is there a difference in the tuition fee?

Yes! The beta program goes for the half of the regular 1000 EUR fee.For 500 EUR, You’ll get the same value as the regular program, all you’ll have to do is to give us more regular and detailed feedback.


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